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Annie Nebergall (Traci Nebergall Memorial Scholarship)

Traci Nebergall grew up attending Hillsdale schools, playing basketball and softball throughout her childhood. She worked at Beattie’s Market as a teenager, and stayed involved in her community after graduation by volunteering as a little-league coach for over 30 years. She also held various officer positions with the youth league for several years, until her death in 2017.

Traci worked through high school and enrolled in college after graduation, but she had to leave her studies after one year to search for full-time income. This scholarship was founded in her memory in order to help other kids like her, who have put in the hard work but who need a little financial help to pursue their dreams.

Traci lived nonstop, fully engaged and never looking back. Her wisdom and unbeatable sense of humor impacted the lives of many. She acknowledged each day as a gift, and used each one to give back to those around her. Hayesville is a better place because of her. Through this scholarship, her life continues to impact others and give back to this community she loved so much.