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Charitable Remainder Trust of J. Robert and Ruth L. Tipton (James Sherwood Tipton Eagle Scout Scholarship)

James Tipton was born and raised in Ashland, Ohio. As a young boy he loved the natural world and was involved in Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts. Hiking, camping, gardening, reading, writing and working on various merit badges, eventually earning the rank of Eagle Scout, were among his favorite activities. He was also committed to his church and earned the “God and Country Award” and was inducted into Order of the Arrow at Camp Avery Hand, where he spent many wonderful weeks both as a camper and member of the staff.

As an adult, he spent much time in Colorado and southern Mexico. He enjoyed a life of service—helping those in need at all levels: physical, emotional and spiritual. He believed that love and patience, a pleasant disposition, and respect for all life were important virtues. As a boy and an adult his commitment to the twelve simple and useful points of the Boy Scout Law was evident.